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Romantica Caffe Invalides

Close to the sepulchre of the Emperor Napoleon, with a breathtaking view of the Invalides golden dome, here is located the first Italian restaurant Romantica Caffé, opened in 2006 by Claudio Puglia. Being successful, it has been spread to the capital, for the delight of authentic Italian cuisine lovers.
A clear view on the Dome Church lawns and the Vauban place. Nearby the Military School, ministries and the National Assembly, the place is perfectly exposed to the first beautiful days sunlights and has a street-side gable terrace, which was recently renovated as the whole establishment.
Although located in the heart of Paris, the Invalides district has a sweetness and a serenity lifestyle that fit perfectly with the spirit, cultivateur by this one of the kind Romantica Caffé restaurant. A red brick decor, a baroque mirror, a vintage bar counter, a wall covered with bottles of Italian wines and comfortable seats. The frame is placed so now let’s eat!
Claudio Puglia, the Chef, is used to say that he offers a traditional and sophisticated cuisine simultaneously. A cuisine of flavours that highlights the product. With the origin of meat that we mentionned. This is only one example, but it also applies to everything that is found on the menu. Having lunch or dinner at Romantica Caffé offers a unique experience compare to other place. Where else than here will you taste a jar of eggplant, tomatoes, pesto and buffalo mozzarella which taste that much authentic? Which Italian restaurant will propose you delicious grilled vegetables served cold, pesto and croutons with gorgonzola that you definitely know, when you taste it that it corresponds to the real taste? Of course, the star of the place is the « linguine » with sage light cream, flamed in a buffalo cheese wheel, which is called in Italien: « Linguine » alla panna leggera di salvia, flamblé nella forma di formaggio di bufala. It means the same thing in both languages, and yet it sounds a little bit different. A hint of Italy in addition, maybe … Served as linguine or rigatoni with a true generosity, we are told on the menu that they are always copied and imitated… « never equalled. It’s true: we could test it here and there and prefer the original to the copy, obviously.
Homemade desserts, sorry, the dolci al bicchiere, bring freshness and lightness, like the standard light coffee tiramisu, the panna cotta with red fruit, the fresh fruit salad with lemon liqueur or the original lemon and basil sorbet sprinkled of limoncello. Often copied but… never equalled!
  • Sep 19 2021 - Sep 19 2021

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